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Bongs & Waterpipes

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Save 57%
 e-hookah Mix Flavored 10 pc Display up to 800 puffs
Save 57%
 e-hookah Mix Flavored 10 pc Display up to 800 puffs

e-hookah Mix Flavored 10 pc Display up to 800 puffs

A pack of 10 different flavors with 800 puffs in each  With shisha Mouth Piece .....

$116.9 $50.8 Ex Tax: $40.7

O Glass Bowl 14.5

 O Glass Bowl 14.5 Roor Bowl for roor bong Size: 14,5mm   .....

$39.0 Ex Tax: $31.2
"Glass Bong 'You Big Beat ""35

"Glass Bong 'You Big Beat ""35

Glass bong 'You Big Beat "35cm . With metal tube and cup . Multi Chamber bong . Thick, durable Gl.....

$58.6 Ex Tax: $46.9
"Hookah ""Thin Drop"" 35cm"

"Hookah ""Thin Drop"" 35cm"

Hookah "Thin Drop" 35cm. Denn pipe is from Boost seriren which is known for its kalite and hard g.....

$44.2 Ex Tax: $35.4

"Ice Bong ROYAL Premium ""Ice_

Based on 2 reviews.

ROYAL Premium Ice Bong "Ice Thunder" H:42cm. Another Royal designed glass bong from RoyalBongs. W.....

$51.4 Ex Tax: $41.1
$47.8 Ex Tax: $38.3

'Black Leaf' Glass Bong with ' Double HoneyComb' 255mm

Black Leaf' 'Honey Comb' Bong with 2 integrated diffuser discs (HoneyComb's). Each disc has about 40.....

$56.2 Ex Tax: $45.0

'Black Leaf' Percolator Icebong sea green H 300mm

Based on 1 reviews.

The special feature of this 'Black Leaf' percolator bong is the pre-cooler/ash trap with integrated .....

$47.8 Ex Tax: $38.3

'Black Leaf' Pipe Cleaners, Course 300mm

These 300mm long pipe cleaners with woven wire bristles are flexible and so excellent for cleaning y.....

$4.7 Ex Tax: $3.7

'Blaze Glass' Glass Percolator Icebong in black 47cm

This round chamber water-pipe is made of black & clear 5mm thick Pyrex (borosilicate) glass and .....

$143.3 Ex Tax: $114.6

'Blaze Glass' Multi-Level UFO Perc. Icebong, yellow 46cm

This is a premium 'Blaze Glass' Icebong made of 5mm think Borosilicate (Pyrex) Glass with UFO Percol.....

$118.6 Ex Tax: $94.9

'Blaze Glass' Percolator Bong Perco 50cm

The 'Perco' is designed to be used with interchangeable percolators. The water-pipe can therefore.....

$79.7 Ex Tax: $63.8

'Blaze' 'Recycler' with Honey Comb-Disc 27cm

This 'Recylcer'-Pipe is from high-quality Borosilicate glass and is part of the big 'Blaze Glass' so.....

$179.7 Ex Tax: $143.8


4:20-Wipes. Love to share, but hate the bacteria? Use 4:20 Wipes to easily sterilize nozzle on yo.....

$7.8 Ex Tax: $6.2

5mm Glass Bong H:40cm Ø:50mmSocket:18.8mm WT:5mm

  5mm Glass Bong H:40cm Ø:50mm Socket:18.8mm WT:5mm   . A Tough designed gl.....

$46.6 Ex Tax: $37.3

5mm Glass Bong H:46cmSocket:18.8mm WT:5mm

5mm Glass Bong H:46cm Socket:18.8mm WT:5mm thick glass with is  ice notches shoot g.....

$44.2 Ex Tax: $35.4

7mm lay down Purpule inline

7mm thick lay-down style with 38mm inline perc, double 6-arm tree percs, splashguard and ice notche.....

$197.7 Ex Tax: $158.2