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Bongs & Waterpipes

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 e-hookah Mix Flavored 10 pc Display up to 500 puff
 e-hookah Mix Flavored 10 pc Display up to 800 puffs
'Blaze Glass' 'Jet-Flash' mini black 26cm
'Blaze Glass' Glass Percolator Icebong in black 47cm
'Blaze Glass' Icebong DB 50cm
'Blaze Glass' Percolator Bong Perco 50cm
'Blaze' 'Recycler' with Honey Comb-Disc 27cm
1,349.0 kr 799.0 kr
4 Handel Ashcatcher  14,5mm
4 Handel Ashcatcher 18,8mm
65.0 kr
7mm lay down Purpule inline
7MM Thick Glass, 29mm TankTank Joint, H:40cm
Activated Carbon 150 g
Adapter Aluminium chillum H:14
Adapter Chillum Socket:14.5mmH:11cm
Adapter Chillum Socket:14.5mmH:14cm
Aluminium Shisha Folie  Roundwith holes 100pcs/box
Aluminuim Chillum 16cm