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Here you can find our whole assortment of cleaning products for water pipes, bongs, pipes etc. It’s very important to take care of your equipment, or else a sudden day you find yourself in a situation where your pipe tastes like old sock and you regret not washing it sometimes. Pipe cleaners, cleaning agents, cloths, brushes and other things that will help you keep your smoking tools nice and clean are the things you will find here. A classic way to clean with is alcohol and salt, but it takes time and will probably wear you out, so if you want something more efficient this is where you wanna be!

The Res Caps from ResÖlution is a really smart kit with elastic lids made of high-quality silicone. Used to cover the openings on your bong or bubbler in order to be able to easily clean it with the "shake method" in which the paraphernalia is filled with a cleaning solution and then shaken until it..
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Shisha Cleaner in a practical spray bottle. This cleaning product dissolves the grease in your hookah and removes the residues and bad odors.Spray the dirty surface a few times and let the product do its work for 1-3 minutes and then rinse in warm (not hot) water.Scent: CitrusVolume: 300 ml..
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Non-toxicEnvironment-friendly100% plant-based ingredientsNow you can clean your dab rigs, bongs, bangers, and other smoking accessories with a cleaning product that is friendly to both you and the environment! Organic Glass Clear cleaning solution from Dark Crystal is non-toxic with 100% plant-based..
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Silicone Plug Set 14mm (10-pack)
Plug made of silicone for plugging the bong socket during cleaning, travel, or storage.Amount: 10 pcsFits socket: 14,5 mm..
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Silicone Plug Set (10-pack)
Plug made of silicone for plugging the bong socket during cleaning, travel, or storage.Amount: 10 pcsFits socket: 18,8 mm..
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Plug Set made of silicone for your bong. Plugging the socket, mouthpiece, and kickhole during cleaning means you can shake the bong and get it extra clean. The plugs are also perfect when you want to bring the bong somewhere since you can leave the water inside.Fits mouthpieces: 32-48 mm, and socket..
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Bottle of Bong Shine Liquid cleanser from Black Leaf, containing 99,9% isopropanol. This cleanser is specially made for cleaning dabbing tools of glass and metal, and used as solvent for grease, wax, resin etc. 250 ml Safety instructions: both liquid and vapours are highly flammable and should..
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Flexible cleaning brush with cotton tip for lighter cleaning and drying, and bristles for stronger cleaning. Material: cotton, pig bristles, metal Length: 50 cm Diameter: 45 mm..
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Flexible cleaning brush with forward bound pig bristles. Material: pig bristles, metal Length: 28 cm Diameter: 25-35 mm..
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Brush for cleaning: Pipes Bongs Vaporizers Grinders Other 1 pc. Length: 13,5 cm Diameter: 1 cm..
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RezBlock from 420 Science is an all natural resin prevention water treatment that provides the ultimate protection for keeping your bong and water pipes clean. Just add a few drops to the water in your bong every time you do a water change and you'll save many boring hours of cleaning time. RezBlock..
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A cleaning kit from Zeus containing everything you need for a perfect cleaning of your vaporizer's different parts: a bottle of strong detergent for different kinds of materials and surfaces, smart cotton swabs with alcohol for cleaning chambers and other small details, alcohol-soaked napkins for cl..
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