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Charcoal & Heaters

Are you looking for charcoal for your hookah? We have a number of natural and high-quality types that ignite quickly and that spread and keep the heat evenly during a long period of time. Charcoal made from coconut shells is durable and doesn't split in high heat, making it especially good for hookahs. Our charcoals come in kilo packs that last for several sessions, or in smaller packages with a few coal tablets that can be practical to bring along when you take your hookah session outside.

For the best result, we recommend you to use a charcoal heater or coal burner as they are also called. They come in different designs, some are like regular electrical hotplates where you heat up the coal one side at a time, and others look like toasters that heat the coal from all sides simultaneously.

Champ | Shisha Fast Charcoal (10pcs)
High quality quick-ignited charcoal from Champ used for smoking shisha. Amount: 10 briquettes Diameter: 33 mm..
12 SEK 15 SEK
Ex Tax:10 SEK
CocoBrico | 1 kg (C25)
CocoBrico charcoal cubes for your hookah sessions. The charcoal is made of coconut shells and formed into durable cubes that don't split in high heat. In addition to burning for a long time the cubes also leave little mess after burning since the ash content is only 2%.Volume: 1 kgAmount: 72 cubesCu..
89 SEK 99 SEK
Ex Tax:71 SEK
Pack of Gold C26 Charcoal cubes from Tom Coco made of coconut shells. These coal cubes have a burning time of about 95 min.Amount: 1 kg / approx. 64 cubesCube size: 26 x 26 x 26 mm..
120 SEK
Ex Tax:96 SEK
G.X.Happy Charcoal Tong from Champ Al Malik. Practical tong with a comfortable grip.Length: 17 cm..
79 SEK
Ex Tax:63 SEK
Three Kings Instant Charcoal
Box with Three Kings Instant Charcoal tablets for your hookah. The box contains 100 tablets, in 10 rolls of 10 tablets.Tablet size: 33 mm in diameter..
18 SEK 25 SEK
Ex Tax:14 SEK
Pack of Tom Coco Silver Charcoal briquettes made of coconut shells.Amount: 1 kg / approx. 60 briquettesBriquette size: 50 x 25 x 27 mm..
129 SEK
Ex Tax:103 SEK
Al Malik | Coco Charcoal Casablanca
Charcoal from Champ Al Malik. The charcoal is made from coconut and is 100% natural.Use a coal burner along with a tong for best result...
79 SEK 99 SEK
Ex Tax:63 SEK
Caesar Electric Charcoal Lighter can heat up many coals at once. Since the coals are heated from all sides at the same time it's also very quick. Handle on the back and on/off button on the side.Effekt: 800WSize: approx. 19 x 10 x 14 cm..
299 SEK
Ex Tax:239 SEK
Electric Charcoal Heater from Al-Mani with an 11 cm in diameter sized plate. Turn the charcoals over every 3 minutes to ensure they are evenly lit and to prevent overheating.Height: approx. 18 cmEffect: 450WVoltage: 230V..
299 SEK
Ex Tax:239 SEK
An Electric Charcoal Heater from Al-Mani that will have the coal for your hookah hot and ready in no time. It can fit approximately 6 coals at the same timeEffekt: 500WVoltage: 220-240VCE approved..
299 SEK
Ex Tax:239 SEK
Large Charcoal Pot from Aladin. This coal holder is made of stainless steel and makes it easy to transport glowing charcoal to your hookah. A plate below the handle protects your hand from the heat. And it has a practical hook on the side where you can hang your tongs.Bucket size: approx 7,5 x 18 cm..
199 SEK
Ex Tax:159 SEK
Sinned 5 minutes Inferno 1000W
Light the charcoal for your hookah with Sinned 5 minutes Inferno electric charcoal lighter. It has 5 heat levels, and as the name lets on, it only takes 5 minutes to light the coal with the maximum power of 1000 Watts.Sinned charcoal lighter has CE-marking and is security tested with overheating pro..
299 SEK 369 SEK
Ex Tax:239 SEK
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