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A dome is a necessity for some kinds of nails, more specifically the thin, smaller variants which usually are made of titanium or glass. The task of the dome is both to protect the user from hot splashes of concentrate but also to improve the temperature's concentration into the nail, which in turn gives a more efficient dab. Domes are available in different shapes and are usually made of high quality glass such as quartz or borosilicate.

Terp Pearls can be used with bangers in an oil rig. Heat the bowl with a pearl inside and you’ll notice straight away how these help with retaining the heat. Terp Pearls also makes your experience more fun! If you use a carb cap with the pearl inside the bowl, you can get the pearl to spin when y..
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GG 'X1084C' Dome
A high-qualitative glass dome with handle from Grace Glass which is used to cover your nail to increase airflow and protect the user against heat and oil splashes. Fits all bongs and bubblers with a male socket of 18,8 mm...
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