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Flowermate | Cap (Black)
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The Flowermate Cap is a small, durable vaporizer with an aluminum alloy surface and a one-button design. It has three pre-set temperature choices, haptic feedback, and will last for 8-10 sessions per charge. The glazed stainless steel heating chamber with 20 second heat-up time produces impressive v..
999 SEK
Ex Tax:799 SEK
The Terp Pen from Boundless Technology is a dab rig small enough to fit in your pocket! It has a descreet and inhale-activated design with a battery that lasts for up to 50 ten-second pulls of fluffy and flavorful vapor per charge.You can use the Terp Pen in a few different ways: by gently dabbing t..
499 SEK
Ex Tax:399 SEK
The DynaVap 'B' vaporizer is perfect for beginners who want to enter the DynaVerse. It has a new-style single finned chamber and the condenser lets you adjust the airflow and cooling to your liking. The stem is in silicone, in a design that feels comfortable in your hand and keeps it from rolling ar..
599 SEK
Ex Tax:479 SEK
This is the 5th edition of DynaVap's signature M vaporizer in green-goldish colored VerdiuM. As before, it's made of medical-grade stainless steel and has the reliable Captive Cap. The tapered mouthpiece can also be used as a water adapter for bongs and bubblers, and the popular Adjust-a-bowl featur..
999 SEK
Ex Tax:799 SEK
The VapCap M is the 5th edition of DynaVap's signature M vaporizer. As before, the VapCap M is made of medical grade stainless steel and has the reliable Captive Cap. The tapered mouthpiece can also be used as a water adapter for bongs and bubblers, and the popular Adjust-a-bowl feature allows you t..
899 SEK
Ex Tax:719 SEK
Slick is Flowermates carbon fiber-covered and conduction-heated vaporizer with a number of interesting details. Despite its low price, the Slick offers a fully isolated air path for the purest flavor experience and construction of materials in medicinal quality. Borosilicate glass mouthpiece, practi..
699 SEK
Ex Tax:559 SEK
Avant is a really neat portable herbal vaporizer in the entry level class from XVAPE which has been designed focusing on simplicity and user-friendliness. Despite its extremely attractive price tag Avant produces a lot of tasty vapours that satisfy both experts and beginners while the ventilation ho..
769 SEK
Ex Tax:615 SEK
XMax Starry from XVape is a compact challenger to PAX and Crafty, but more gentle on your wallet. Made mainly for herbs but also works for concentrates with the included concentrate pad. Chamber completely made of ceramic, body made of anodized aluminium, and ceramic mouthpiece. Quick heating in onl..
999 SEK
Ex Tax:799 SEK
Flowermate are known for incredible performance at an incredible price and the Aura is one of the best examples yet. The Aura is an ultra-portable pen style vaporizer designed for both dry materials and liquids. The digital display increases precision and allows the user to tune in to the exact temp..
689 SEK
Ex Tax:551 SEK
XMax V2 Pro is a portable and compact vaporizer that is an upgrade from the XMax V2 with a number of improvements such as an isolated air path and easier controls. XMax V2 is the original as opposed to the copies Vapefiend Storm and AtmosRX Astra. The build quality of the XMax V2 Pro ..
899 SEK
Ex Tax:719 SEK
A smart invention from Black Leaf which works both as a vaporizer and a pipe, depending on what you prefer at the moment. If you want to vaporize herbs, simply use a lighter under the glass chamber so that the contents heat up and vaporize. If you prefer to smoke you simply use the included bowl. Ad..
299 SEK
Ex Tax:239 SEK
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