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The lifestyle that belongs to the 420 culture is enormous and goes back a long time. Hemp is not just for smoking and for medicinal purposes, therefore we have collected everything that in one way or another has something to do with the associated lifestyle here. Clothes decorated with the "rasta colors" (red, yellow, green), hats and other accessories made of hemp, prints depicting reggae icons and optimistic quotes about love for life and the plant. But also incense and candles for that cozy home evening, candy with cannabis flavoring, drinks to cleanse the body of toxins, beauty products such as soap and creams with hemp, as well as urine tests for home usage. If you love and live the lifestyle you will definitely find something here that will attract you!

Fred's very own training bag - perfect for throwing everything down in one go...
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Go in style with Fred's glasses. Support your local headshop with a pair of Fred's own glasses, with symbols taken directly from our website. NOTE! Pay attention to who recognizes the logo - you might find new friends for life. ..
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Magic Mushroom Lollipops with muscimol.Amount: 2 lollipops/bagMuscimol: 25 mg/lollipopIngredients: Sugar, water, glucose syrup, citric acid, flavorings, coloring (E100/E120/E141), muscimolPlease note: This product is marketed as decor and should not be consumed or handled by people under 18...
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CA | Cannabis Cookies Lemon Haze
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Cannabis Airlines Cannabis Cookies with Super Lemon Haze flavor. This high-fiber cookie is made with hemp protein containing amino acids, minerals, and fiber.Ingredients: Cereal mixture (wholemeal wheat flour (37%), wheat flour, sugar, wheat bran, baking agent: sodium carbonates, aroma, wheat starch..
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CA | Cannabis Cookies Chocolate Chunk
Cannabis Airlines Cannabis Cookies with chunks of dark chocolate. This high-fiber cookie is made with hemp protein containing amino acids, minerals, and fiber.Ingredients: Cereal mixture (wholemeal wheat flour (37%), wheat flour, sugar, wheat bran, baking agent: sodium carbonates, flavoring, wheat s..
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4 for 29:-Cannabis-flavored Lollipop mellowed by sweet syrup.Contains no CBDAmount: 1 pcSize: 12 gIngredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, citric acid, hemp extract, aromas, coloring (E141)May contain traces of milk, nuts, soya, and glutenFree from THC and GMONutritional information (per 100g)Energy value..
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D-ODR Mist | Lasting Lavender
D-ODR Fine Mist for instant odor removal. The spray bottle contains a blend of essential oils and terpenes with a lavender scent that neutralizes unwanted smells. Gives approximately 420 bursts of freshness.Scent: Lasting LavenderVolume: 70 ml..
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RAW | Hat with Poker
RAW Black on Black Cap with embroidered logo and beneath the screen you have a bamboo poker with its own dedicated place, something you use when you want to pack your herb cigarettes.100% cotton..
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The LGBTQ+ Weeny is the perfect penis for everybody. The three different models are all cast from real penises and made with high-quality make-up artist silicone with authentic skin texture - they look real and they feel real!Fill up the sachet with synthetic urine (not included) using the syringe a..
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The purchase gives you 2 x BM10 Mini phone (No GPS, No Camera)Please click on Bundle product to read more about the individual products...
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Beamer Candle Co | 7oz Candle
Beamer manufactures some of the nicest candles we've seen with fantastic scents that make your mouth water! Beamer candles are made specifically to cover all kinds of nasty odors in your home. The wax that these candles are made of is mixed with US-grown soybeans to make the product more natural, th..
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Now you can enjoy Beamer's wonderful scents by melting wax drops! The drops contain the same enzymes as their candles so all bad odors will be eliminated simultaneously as your chosen scent spreads through the room. One drop lasts up to 6 hours.You can use the Beamer wax with an aroma lamp or simila..
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