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19 Jan The new cannabinoids
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New cannabinoids appear on the market at breakneck speed. The ones we will cover in this post were discovered during 2019-202..
07 Dec Christmas gift tips!
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Christmas is approaching with all that it means of decorating, listening to the endless playing of Jingle Bells, Rudolf the r..
10 Nov Make Your Own Kratom Soap
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Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is a tropical plant that belongs to the coffee plant family and has been cultivated for its medic..
19 Oct Growing!
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Our fascination with the resources of nature knows no bounds. Flowers, roots, herbs, mushrooms - everyone is welcome! The eff..

About us

1995 the original founder joined forces with his two sons, Alex and Simon, and created the first headshop in Sweden. They were tired of how all shops had the same boring products, and if a local shop offered something unique the price was much higher than it should be! They quickly realized that the demand for unique products could be found far from the inside of the borders of Sweden. So in order to satisfy the demand they decided to dive into the world of online shopping, and in 1997 was started.

Become Reseller, the largest headshop in the Nordic countries, is a wholesaler and supplier of various smoking gadgets and accessories such as rolling paper, lighters, pipes, waterpipes, vaporizers, herb cigarettes, bongs, grinders, herbal tobacco, stash, digital scales, zip bags. We have several years of experience in the industry and offer free shipping and best price guarantee. We offer fast deliveries and speak, besides Swedish, also Arabic, and Persian.