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Eye Drops

Here we gathered our eyedrops that we recommend both for people who use contact lenses and therefore get dry eyes, but also for people who get bloodshot eyes because of allergies or other reasons that want to avoid embarrassing situations and to look generally more awake. Our eyedrops are designed to lubricate the eyes and make the user seem and feel more alert, precisely what our customers always ask for. If you work a lot in front of a computer the eyedrops give your eyes a relieving feeling. Note that you should always be sure that the ingredients of the eyedrops you choose are OK with your eyes according to your doctor.

Clear Eyes Bright & Moist is eye drops for those who suffer from dry and irritated eyes. These long-acting drops will moisturize and effectively ease the symptoms, whether the discomfort is due to wind or smoke, allergies, or infection.Clear Eyes Bright & Moist is a sterile eye drop solution..
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Red and tired eyes can be very unpleasant for the affected and might also be very embarrassing. Here is the solution! This magnificent product is the secret of e.g. photo models and movie stars. Drop two-three drops in each eye when necessary. Lubricates and moisturizes irritated and tired eyes. Mad..
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